Crowdfunding campaign after the fire

before and after the fire.PNG

We recently experienced a destructive and, as yet, unexplained fire on our premises. The fire completely devastated the interior of the main building and we have been left with a large hole in the roof of our workshop and office space. We have lost a large number of recycled bikes and parts, specialised equipment, our workspace and our office. Community projects have been put on hold and we are struggling to keep afloat after the fire.

Today we’re starting our crowdfunding campaign and in the next two weeks we're hope to raise £10K which should help us to survive through this difficult time and get back up on our feet as soon as possible.  

Please help us to make the campaign as far reaching as possible, not only by donating money but also by sharing the campaign with your friends and family or anyone who you think may be able to help us. We believe that together we can recover from this difficult situation and make The Bike Station a strong organisation that will continue to operate for years to come.

To donate and find out more, please select the following link: