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Work Place Cycles

Bicycle Fleet Lease, a no fuss, plug-and-play solution for providing employees with a pool of bikes. For £50 per month per bike, you receive:

A Raleigh Pioneer 2 bicycle, fully equipped for everything Scottish weather can throw at it, with full mudguards and a luggage rack.

A lock and a set of lights for each bike, keeping you and the bike safe.

Tools for minor repairs and maintenance.

A full service plan, including a quarterly service, repairs as needed, replacement parts, and a courtesy bike so you aren’t left without your full fleet of bicycles.

Discounted cycle proficiency and maintenance training for staff, so you can get the most out of your bike pool.

All included in the price.

This makes for a no-worry way to provide pool bikes for staff, without an initial large outlay. Just use the bikes as you will, and we’ll keep them serviced at no extra cost.

The cost of the lease is tax deductible as a running cost, just like the lease of any other company vehicle.

Employees will benefit from enjoyable, cheap, and healthy transport.

Use of the bikes will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which all companies are encouraged to publish.

If your company decides it no longer needs the pool of bikes, the scheme can be easily cancelled, without hassle and depreciation from reselling second hand bikes.


Cycling is low cost in comparison with driving or using public transport - and equally it's good for businesses too on many levels.  

Businesses that care about their impacts and reducing them - and leading the way in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility - are generally the enlightened ones that also wish to support their employees in cycling safely, healthily and comfortably.  

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