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Cycle servicing

You may have had your bike for some time now, maybe it is out of its warranty* - it might not run quite as efficiently as it used to, it 'doesn't feel quite right', or you would simply like us to give it a health check. We have a highly experienced team of mechanics, we offer servicing at competitive rates and we will be able to source a variety of reconditioned parts from our stock thus saving you money.

We will also be offering an on-the-spot puncture-repair service if you find yourself in the area with a puncture.

Please contact us for more information.

* All our bikes come with a three month warranty.


The Bike Station – Servicing


3 DAY TURNAROUND!! (Haugh Road only at present)

We now aim to complete all services within 3 days of the day that your bike is booked in for.

Any non-stocked parts that are required may extend this turnaround time a little but we will advise if this is the case.

POST SERVICE BIKE COLLECTION; Due to space restrictions we do require you to collect your bike as quickly as possible once the work is completed. A storage charge of £5.00/day will be applied to any bike that is still with us from 7 days after the service is completed. If you are having problems collecting your bike please let us know!

NEW - Small people = small prices!

We now offer Kids bike 'Tune’n’Tweak' service for just £25.00 (up to and including 24'' wheel)  (parts are charged on top of the price for the service but we will do our best to keep this to a minimum)

1 –Tune’n’Tweak £35

This is perfect for a new bike or one that needs a safety check.  The service will not replace any parts, instead the mechanic will adjust what is on the bike to make it operate more smoothly.  The mechanic will identify any work that will be needed in the near future.

This service covers:

Safety check
Brake and gear adjust
Tyres inflated to the correct pressure
Drive-train lubricated
Advisory note for any further work required


2 – Nuts & Bolts £50

This is the perfect service for a well used bike or one in need of a bit more work than a simple Tune’n’Tweak!  Ideal for the commuter, the regular user will have a twice yearly Nuts&Bolts service to keep your bike operating to its best potential.  The mechanic will give all the necessary adjustments to your bike to prolong its lifespan, whilst advising on parts needing replaced.  Parts are charged on top of the price for the service.

As above, plus:
Clean, degrease and re-lube the drive train
Adjust hubs if applicable/possible
Adjust headset if applicable/possible
Check all nuts and bolts are secure
Wheels trued on the bike


3 –Kitchen Sink £90

Bike need a bit of love? Ridden your stead into the ground? Throw the kitchen sink at it… We cannot perform miracles, but our mechanics will do their best to get your bike up and running if it needs that bit extra work, or has been sadly neglected.  This is a good service to have every year or two on all bikes, with all cables and brake pads being included in the price.*  

As above, plus:
Hubs cleaned and re-greased**
Headset cleaned and re-greased**
Bottom bracket cleaned and re-greased**
Wheels trued using the wheel jig**
Seat post removed and re-greased**
Handlebar stem removed and re-greased**

*excludes disc brakes servicing/pads.

** if possible, some bikes have parts that are too far gone to be worked on in.


Servicing Costs

Punctures (including inner tube)

Standard Puncture Repair -                                            £10

Bikes with Hub Gears -                                                    £15

Bikes with Chain guard/ coaster brakes/ electric bikes -  £20