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cycle accessories

We sell a good range of accessories to keep you on the road, from lights to lubes & tubes to trailers!

To be honest, once you've got the bike you are ready to go but there are a few select items that can make your cycling more comfortable and safer.

We recommend a lock [obviously!] and when purchasing one you should aim to spend around 10% the value of the bike, and look for something 'Sold Secure' tested and approved.

Lights are also essential if you plan on riding at night, not only will they illuminate the road ahead, but they allow drivers to see you.


Not only do we stock new parts we also sell used parts, normally at a fraction of the cost, an ecological option and a chance to get something from yesteryear. Please ask for used parts if you are interested. 

Once you've found the part(s) that you're after, feel free to come along to our Fix Your Own Bike sessions where you can hire a work stand to fit them yourself, with help and advice on hand.

We're always eager to hear what you think about our product range and what we should/shouldn't stock. Drop us a quick line to let us know if you can't see your favourite product on our shop floor.