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(Please note - all Velotech classes are delivered at Haugh Road)

The Velotech Award (formerly Weldtech) is an accredited award recognised by the Bicycle Association.

The top Gold Award is a recognised professional mechanics qualification.

Places are limited to four participants per course, and covers everything from fixing a puncture to a complete rebuild of a bike.

During the course the candidates are shown how to perform each task, then led through the procedure, and finally have to carry out the task unaided to demonstrate that they understand the procedure and can carry it out in a safe and competent manner.

Velotech courses are run by Donald Cameron, Velotech trainer for Glasgow and West Scotland, from Cycleform.


Velotech Bronze Award

The Bronze Award is aimed at cycle trainers and covers the basics you need to be able to adjust your participants' bikes while delivering cycle training sessions whether these are playground based, guided rides or off-road mountain biking. It is a 1 day course (7 hrs) for between 4 & 6 participants per course.

Velotech Bronze courses are arranged based on the level of demand. Please contact us for details.

Cost - the Velotech Bronze Award is £210 per participant including VAT and Certificate.

Oct         30th + 31st (two spaces remaining 04/09/2017)


Velotech Silver Award

The Silver Award course focuses on adjusting and maintaining bike components. Topics covered include tools and lubricants, brake and gear set-up, headsets, hubs, bottom brackets, wheel-truing , and workshop safety.

Course pre-requisites;
Candidates for this course need to have  a good knowledge of bicycle anatomy, lubricants, wheel replacement, tyres, tubes, gear cables, and indexing.

Course Content;
The course covers the following:

  • Workshop safety.
  • Tools and lubricants.
  • Brake set-up.
  • Bottom bracket.
  • Hubs.
  • Headsets.
  • Gears.
  • Wheel truing.

This course certifies candidates to be able to adjust, rather than assemble bike components.

All equipment including bikes, bike stands, tools and aprons are supplied.

Duration - 2 days. Cost £390 per person including VAT and Certificate

Class size - between 4 & 6 participants per course.

Dates; (assuming minimum numbers are met)

Nov        27th + 28th

Dec        11th + 12th

Velotech Gold Award

The Gold Award trains candidates to be able to fully adjust and assemble bike components. This course is predominantly aimed at people who work in or wish to work in the bike industry.

Course Pre-requisites;
Candidates need to have a good knowledge of maintaining various types of bikes. In most cases candidates are required to have attained the Velotech Silver Award.

Course Content.
The Gold course trains candidates to be able to:

  • Fully adjust, replace, and assemble bike components. 
  • Wheel truing and spoke replacement is covered in more detail than in the Silver course.

All equipment including bikes, bike stands, tools and aprons are supplied.

Duration - 2 days. Cost £390 per person including VAT and Certificate.

Class size - between 4 & 6 participants per course.

Dates: (assuming minimum numbers are met)


Sept       25th + 26th


Other info:

All courses are delivered in house here at our workshop. The courses run throughout the year, subject to demand, so to book please contact us or download and return the booking form below.

Additional courses can be booked on an alternative Monday and Tuesday of the month providing we have 4 weeks’ notice and have a minimum of four candidates for the desired course.

Please email all enquiries to



Velotech Booking Form

Velotech Booking Form