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Bike Station Academy

Our successful Bike Station Academy project is focused on working with young people from across the Greater Glasgow area. The project is possible through generous support from our funders the Royal Bank of Scotland, the MacRobert Trust and The Climate Challenge Fund, and works towards the following key goals:

  1. Increasing confidence, skills and opportunities for young people who live in areas of deprivation and/or face barriers to learning.
  2. Increasing levels of active travel to school – thereby improving the health and fitness of pupils and decreasing carbon emissions.

Further information on both aspects of the project can be found below.


Bike Station Academy: Skills and Opportunities

Through generous support from both the Royal Bank of Scotland and the MacRobert Trust, we are working within five communities to run a school-based vocational training program. Aimed specifically at learners who are disengaged from the mainstream curriculum and likely to leave with few qualifications, we give them the opportunity to gain a City and Guilds qualification in Cycle Mechanics, a qualification in Cycle Ride Leading and the chance to participate in led rides.  By involving the young people in an alternative learning experience, perhaps more suited to their strengths and interests, we aim to develop their soft skills such as team work, leadership and communication while also increasing their confidence and employability. 

Within each school, we aim to assist the trainees in setting up a school bike hub which can cater for both pupils and teachers while additionally promoting cycling in the wider community.

This year alone we have engaged over 50 young people in our training program, 39 of whom have gone on to gain qualifications through the project. We have received hugely positive feedback from teachers, youth workers and young people alike – with noted improvements including increased health, confidence and motivation in the young participants.


Bike Station Academy: Veloschool

Through generous funding (£149,570) received from the Climate Challenge Fund, we have been able to dream big and expand our work to four additional communities. Within these areas we will be working with a whole community approach, aiming to increase the levels of active travel across not only the secondary schools, but across the feeder primaries, parents and teachers too.

The Bike Station as an organisation is committed to reducing our environmental impact, and this project will allow us to encourage others to work towards that same goal. To achieve this we will be providing awareness raising events on climate change, bike libraries available for use across the whole school, Bikeability cycle training, cycling and walking trains, bike breakfasts, Dr Bike events, Car Free Days, cross school cycling competitions, mechanical training, support in achieving the Cycle Friendly Schools Award, local cycle and walking maps, school bike hubs and more!


You can follow our progress on Twitter and Facebook (The Bike Station Academy), or for more information please contact



The Bike Station Academy Yearbook

Interested in finding out more about this year's participants and their achievements? Look no further than our Bike Station Academy Yearbook.

Bike station Academy Yearbook: Class of 2016