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Build Your Own Bike

Build your Own Bike is a 4-5 day course offering young people the chance to learn how to construct a bike from scratch. The course teaches valuable skills to young people and on completion, their hard work is rewarded by taking the bike home. This provides each individual with an affordable travel option for job seeking, attending further education and social events.

This is a course for pre-formed groups of up to six participants and includes 16 hours of teaching time delivered in the Bike Station. This can be two hours, one day a week for 8 weeks, or three afternoons in the same week, or whatever timing best suits the group's needs.

The course includes one full day's mountain biking at Mugdock Country Park mountain
bike centre near Milngavie under the supervision of qualified mountain bike leaders.

A full BYOB course for 6 people costs (around) £2,500.

If have a youth group who you feel would benefit from a BYOB course.

Contact Us for more information.