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Some exciting news from our CEO Greg:
Hello friends!

I am really pleased to announce that from November onwards, Glasgow Bike Station is re-branding and will be known as Bike for Good.

The re-brand marks a ‘coming of age’ for the organisation; from our humble beginnings as the Glasgow Bike Shed, working from a stall in Glasgow’s Barras Market, to a successful five-year partnership with our friends at The Bike Station in Edinburgh and Perth.

As our organisation grows and matures, our new brand, Bike For Good will enable us to deliver our new vision for Glasgow: a city where everyone benefits from riding a bicycle.

Our new name, Bike For Good, has the following meanings:

  • We refurbish, repair and teach communities how to maintain bicycles; once you have the skills a bike is for good.
  •  We use the bike to do good actions: we improve the environment, teach skills and improve mental and physical health .
  • Once you get into cycling, it is for good - not only summer time!

We are incredibly grateful to our colleagues at the Bike Station. Although we joined their brand a year after we started Glasgow Bike Shed Ltd, my relationship with them started in 2009. I learned to ride for the first time at the Edinburgh Bike Station. It changed my life. After that, I decided to dedicate my efforts to change other people’s lives, by using cycling as a mode of transport. It just shows you the impact cycling can have on people. I, personally, will ever be thankful to The Bike Station and I look forward to a continued partnership with them, and with others, who make Scotland a better place, using bicycles for good.

Please keep an eye on the website and our social media pages for further updates and announcements.

Happy Cycling!

Greg Chauvet

Cycling Enthusiast Officer