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Bishopbriggs – Glasgow – Bishopbriggs Led Ride

The Queen Street Tunnel closure this spring is the perfect reason to get back on your bike! 

With three route options catering for all abilities, Glasgow Bike Station (in partnership with ScotRail and Cycling Scotland) presents a comprehensive programme of 'Led Rides' all led by qualified and experienced ride leaders.

The led rides will run for 8 weeks starting on Monday 21st March; the number of rides available will vary as the weeks progress. 

Running at key commuting times from Bishopbriggs Station in the morning and Glasgow Queen Street Station in the evening, simply select a route to suit your schedule and desired ride type.

Choose from:

  • Route 1: Mainly on cycle paths, this route is the slowest of the three, allow around 35-40 minutes.
  • Route 2: Following residential roads, allow 30 minutes for this mid pace route.
  • Route 3: Allow 25 minutes for this faster ride, all on busy roads.

Departure times are as follows:

Morning – from Bishopbriggs Station:

  • Route 1 -8am
  • Route 2 – 8.15am
  • Route 3 – 7.45 am

How to book:

Please complete the below information to book onto a week of rides


Please read the below Terms & Conditions before submitting:

Risks and Responsibilities

I understand there are certain risks involved in these activities.  I will act responsibly and be accountable for my actions while participating. I will follow the rules of the activity and listen to the advice from those leading the activity.  I am fit and healthy enough to take part.

Publicity and Evaluation CONSENT

I am happy for my photographs, video and quotes taken during the activity to be used by Glasgow Bike Station for promotion and evaluation purposes including social media. 

I hereby consent to the information provided on this questionnaire to be used for the purpose of monitoring the impact of The Bike Station. Glasgow Bike Station will control your personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will be used to help monitor the success of our programme and to help in planning future cycling activities. Your data will not be disclosed to anyone outside, except where impersonal statistical data may be derived and used for management analysis and reporting statistics to funding bodies.

Emergency Medical Information:

I give my consent that those in charge may give permission for me to receive medical treatment in an emergency situation when/if my emergency contact cannot be reached.