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Free Wheel Gorgie

Free Wheel Gorgie a grassroots community project based in South West Edinburgh, run by The Bike Station and funded by Transport Scotland.. The project consists of a partnership programme where we work with organisations across Gorgie, supporting their individuals with free bikes, accessories and skills classes.


The public facing aspect of the programme aims to equip individuals in the local community with free maintenance classes, Dr. Bike services and skills development. When combining our partner programme with our public facing opportunities we are fostering place-based behaviour change and getting more people to get involved in active travel.

Free Wheel Gorgie is funded by the Paths For All, Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Open Fund.

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Working In Partnership

Through Free Wheel Gorgie we will be working in partnership with organisations working in the local area. This will help us to udnerstand a variety of needs and best support individuals who are often undderepresented or face barriers to getting involved in active travel programmes.

Empowering the community

With an existing presence in Gorgie after opening our third branch here in 2023, we aim to grow and develop our presence as a community hub. We empower the local community be giving them a suite of resources from Dr. Bikes to Maintenance classes to encourage and foster active travel.

Active Travel

Active travel is all about making journey’s in physically active ways. This can include but is not limited to cycling, walking, wheeling, scooting etc. Increased active travel has many different benefits like reducing congestion on roads, decreasing pollution, helping us to achieve net-zero goals and increasing communities physical and mental wellbeing. 

Place-Based behaviour change

Using a person-centred approach to meet the needs of a local community and work towards a common goal. We identified the community of Gorgie as an area where some individuals may experience barriers to getting involved in active travel. We want to make active travel accessible and break down these barriers by providing a suite of services.

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