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Gorgie Active Travel Programme

The Gorgie Active Travel Programme is funded by Smarter Choices Smarter Places, which is Paths for All’s programme to increase active and sustainable travel throughout Scotland. The programme is grant-funded by Transport Scotland.

This funding allows us to provide a free-to-access programme running the end of June to our communities in West Edinburgh, particularly Gorgie, Saughton and Sighthill where there is exacerbated inequality and areas of multiple deprivation.

Free-To-Access Programme

The Bike Station Edinburgh - Fri 11 November 2022 - Edinburgh, Scotland (© photographer -

Free and Affordable Bikes

Free bikes are available to participants within the South West area, referred into the programme via community based partners & offer low cost refurbished bikes for sale within the community. By providing free bikes & affordable bikes we aim to remove barriers to choosing cycling as a mode of transport.

Fill out the interest form to apply for a free bike or affordable bike.

The Bike Station Edinburgh - Fri 11 November 2022 - Edinburgh, Scotland (© photographer -

Dr Bike / Bike Health Checks

We offer a series of free bike health checks within the community - including at local schools, parks & local service & facilities. By providing these checks we aim to remove barriers to cycling by ensuring bikes are road worthy.

The Bike Station Edinburgh - Fri 11 November 2022 - Edinburgh, Scotland (© photographer -

We run bike maintenance lessons so people can learn to ride & look after their bike and to build confidence riding on the road. By providing skills development within the community we will reduce barriers to access to cycling & develop skills & confidence.

Courses run until the end of May and can be booked on our Eventbrite.

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Group Rides

We will offer a programme of group rides in the community. Our group rides will develop a better understanding of safe & quiet routes around the community, to  increase community capacity for using bikes to explore & whilst increasing visibility cycling.


Driving factors for this project

1. Mental health challenges and isolation

The increased isolation due to Covid, challenges of adapting to rule changes and anxiety about the pandemic are exacerbating existing mental health issues for many individuals, as well as creating new challenges for people who need a respite and time away from difficult home environments or caring responsibilities. 


2. Physical well being 

There is a need for opportunities to engage in physical activity, especially where activity can take place outside and in a natural setting, due to the link between this and mental health and wellbeing.


3. Transport needs 

There is a strong need for the ability to travel by free or affordable transportation to address financial challenges, especially for people who are facing a cost of living crisis, to enable them to attend to their everyday needs, employment, and meeting friends and family. 


However, travelling by bike can be daunting for new or returning cyclists, there is a need for lessons and group rides to give people the skills, knowledge and confidence to use their bikes safely.

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